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We provide support and accommodation for all.

A Safe place to call your own.

Give us a call and speak to staff today.


Tel: 0121 517 0836

Tel: 07365673298

We provide help and support so that you are able to grow in confidence and independance.

Who we provide support to..


- At Risk of Homelessness

- Suffering domestic abuse

We provide a specialist domestic abuse service and have qualified support staff to support our service users

- At risk of forced marriage

 - Suffer from mental health 

 - Are a young person / Care Leaver  

 - Refugee Status

- Learning needs / disabilities


We can help and support you by providing accomodation with support to help you back to independance.

Tenancy agreement and management


- Service users in supported housing will sign and have their own licence / tenancy agreement.

- They will be renting their own home.

- Service users are responsible for their own bills and cost of living. Staff will help you access benefits and and any other entitlements.

- Staff will help support you maintain your tenancy.

​- Including managing budgets.

- Staff can help you report repairs.

- Staff will support you to build your independant living skills by helping you access services available to you that help you increase your confidence and self esteem.

- Helping you to arrange and attend any important meetings.

Safeguarding-Risk Assessments-Support Plan

Safeguarding strategies to ensure the safety of all our residents:

  - Initial Risk Assessment and a full assessment of any potential placement risks. For e.g. are there any risks to self or to others ? 

  - Risk and needs assessments used to measure outcomes and reviewed three monthly or according to changing needs.

 -  Emergency 24 hour staff 

  - Key-workers who are DBS checked, trained and supervised

 -  Support Plan tailored to individual needs and regular key working sessions 

  - Policies and procedures

  - GDPR / confidentiality

  - Complaints procedures are in place

  - Safeguarding policy procedure

  - Incident reporting procedure

Referrals into external agencies, such as police, childrens/adults safeguarding if necessary.

  - Properties that are Health and Safety compliant and that meet safe regulations by having in place Employer & Public Liability Insurances.

Mission statement and values

Our overall aim is to support our service users achieve their goals. And to be confident in their abilities by having a positive outlook to their life.

We aim to help with the transition from supported housing to independent living.

Our support services are professional, non-judgemental and will help individuals take the steps needed to establish community networks.

Our service is designed to help encourage our service users to reconnect with family and friends and/or develop new social networks.
We want to assist our service users in taking advantage of recreational and educational opportunities that enhance health and wellbeing.

Also to help register with the relevant health professionals in the locality.

Support with regaining emotional wellbeing and stability.

Service users will be supported in a person-centred manner and our main aim will be on reintegration into the community and ultimitely resettlement support.

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